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Who We Are


Ellimen Design is...

On a journey since 2016. Ellimen Design established itself as a men’s accessories brand and is heedfully building a full line of bracelets, rings and more. While simple and minimalist, every piece is designed to pair flawlessly with each other and to complete any outfit. The simplicity of our designs allows for every piece to be worn not only as casual but also as formal.

 We believe in helping everyone, everywhere live up to the fullest of their potential. We do so by designing and making quality minimalist accessories for the everyday man working towards greatness.


Identify the Essential. Eliminate the Rest...

The Power of Less. At Ellimen, we go back to basics. Complex designs can be awesome, but dreadful when trying to pair with outfits and/or other accessories. Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest. That is our thought process when designing products.


About the name...

The name "Ellimen" (ELMN for short) was chosen for three main reasons:

The poetry of the word. We like the way it sounds.

It doesn’t exist. The word has no meaning.. YET! This means that to this day, Ellimen Design is the only reference to the word “ellimen” and we want to give it a meaning through this journey.

It's a play on "element" which is defined as "a part or an aspect that is essential or characteristic".